Our Story

My mother was left to raise her six babies and I was the eldest. She held a family meeting one evening and said “I can go and work in a shoe factory to bring money in to support us or I can go to University and we wont have much money now, but I’ll have a career and be able to support us all in the future. How do you vote?” So, we voted and mum became a Psychologist. I followed in her footsteps and while our careers took different paths, we have found that later in life our paths have converged and she now works under the umbrella of my group psychology practice, All Psyched Up.

All Psyched Up is a boutique practice, unique in our approach not only to supporting to patients through mindfulness and environmental psychology approaches, but also in how we support our individual clinicians to be the best that they can be and achieve the goals that are important to them. We want to attract the very best talent so that you receive the very best care. We hope that we have created a warm, inviting, comforting practice where everyone feels welcome to sit and be heard, to be really listened to and to be understood. You are invited too and we are truly happy to be here for you when and if you need us.

Our Values