Meet Our Team

Dr Brooklyn Storme, PhD

Director & Principal Psychologist,Coach & Supervisor

With over 17 years experience working with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds, Brooklyn has a special interest in Assessment and Report Writing, especially for conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder, IQ and Cognitive Functioning, Victims of Crime and Court Reports. She is also provides Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) for children 12 years and under.


Animal Assisted Therapy / Canine Clinician

Gabe is utilised in session with children under the age of 12yrs, to help them to achieve their therapeutic goals. Gabe works with each child individually and according to their needs. He is effective in building confidence, reducing anxiety and developing social skills with our little clients. Gabe only works on certain days so if you’d like an appointment, please call us on 8765 2434 to ensure he is available at the time of your child’s visit.

Lindy Storme

Associate Psychologist

Lindy is a Psychologist passionate about helping couples to thrive and to live their best life together. She enjoys supporting couples in learning how to change or improve their communication styles, resolve conflict and support each other through difficult times. In addition, Lindy finds that her application of a range of therapeutic modalities has been highly effective in supporting partners as they transition through the de-coupling process. With over 20 years experience in the management of pain, she is also our Lead Pain Clinician.

Lisa Maher

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Lisa has over 10 years experience working in complex and intensive mental health support services, both in Melbourne and in the UK, and will soon complete her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. Lisa has been passionate about suicide prevention and early intervention in young people, specifically focusing on the barriers and facilitators in help-seeking behaviour. Her career has included working as an ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) trainer for 5 years and she regularly facilitates groups to provided evidence-based interventions. Lisa provides individual and family counselling and enjoys the results her patients obtain when she teaches them tools based in Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Puja Bhattacharya

Clinical Mental Health Counsellor

As a former university lecturer in Psychology, Puja brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the field of anxiety and stress management. She is passionate about teaching relaxation training to patients. Puja is one of our Lead EAP Clinicians and supports people that are having difficulty coping with mood or behaviour in the workplace. If your workplace could benefit from Employee Assistance Programs please call Puja on 03 8765 2434 to learn more about how she can support your business.

Shoshanah Frenkel


Shoshanah Frenkel is a behavioral therapist with over 10 years experience in working with children with difficulties. Shoshanah's combined knowledge of education and disability gives her a unique perspective in implementing strategies to improve multiple behavioural issues in both their home and school environment.

Lexie Petroff

Acupuncturist & Naturopath

Lexie has been working as an Acupuncturist & Naturopath for over 25 years and brings a wealth of experience to complimentary family medicine. Previously the Head Naturopath at Blackmores Clinic in NSW, she has a passion for preventative medicine and helping people invest in their future health. Lexie is experienced in pre-conception, paediatrics, male and female hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, allergies and desensitisation using phenolic therapy. Lexie is also a clinician with corporate experience in iridology, bio impedance testing, zinc testing, haemaview live blood analysis and detox consultations.

Katie Cole

Exercise Physiologist

Hi my name is Katie and I have just opened up session times for Exercise Physiology Appointments at All Psyched Up on Thursdays. Exercise improves your mental and physical status and has numerous short term and long term benefits that can optimise your life and lifespan. An Exercise Physiologist can assist in individual assessment and planning to incorporate the right exercise that you individually require to improve your health, wellbeing and achieve personal goals. Exercise physiologists are trained to prescribe exercise to prevent and manage chronic diseases and injuries. You will be assessed, then set up and monitored on an individually appropriate exercise plan and also provided education on self managing your exercise long term. Please book an appointment: * If you need assistance to take control of the exercise part of your lifestyle * If you are unsure what you need to be actively doing to be the optimal healthy you * If you have specific sporting/fitness/work/activities of daily living goals that require specific physical conditioning and management * If you have high risk factors for chronic diseases (overweight, high blood pressure, high blood glucose, abnormal blood lipids) * If you need assistance managing a chronic disease/injury through exercise and education. Refer to the list below for medical conditions that exercise physiologists can but are not limited to providing support for: * obesity * cardiovascular disease * diabetes * osteoporosis and arthritis * mental health conditions * cancer and cancer treatment recovery * chronic pain and fatigue * post-surgical rehabilitation (ACL reconstruction, hip/knee replacement) * neuromuscular exercise therapy (multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease) * pulmonary disease and more I look forward to meeting and working with you to make the optimal you through exercise and education.