Assessments in Frankston at All Psyched Up

About Assessments

Assessments are often required for things like applications for funding (as with the NDIS), for return to work coordination (as with WorkCover), for an overview of your ability to work or live life fully (as with TAC) and for education funding (as with PSWD).

We offer the following assessments:

  • Cognitive functioning (WISC for children and WAIS for adults)
  • Adaptive behaviour (Vineland for all ages)
  • Dyslexia testing
  • Autism 
  • Reading
  • School readiness
  • ADD / ADHD / ADID / ODD / Conduct Disorder
  • and more - please ask if you need an assessment that is not on the list.

Assessment procedures often look like this:

  • Book an initial consultation and arrange diagnostic interview
  • Review of available (past reports, specialist forms, discussion with other health professionals involved)
  • Observation
  • Administration of assessment
  • Scoring of assessment
  • Assessment interpretation
  • Report writing with recommendations
  • Feedback consultation with onward planning

Assessments are not covered by Medicare and you do not require a referral for them. Some private health companies will rebate part of the cost of assessments and this depends on your fund and your level of cover as each is slightly different.

When you book for your initial session, please advise reception of what type of assessment you need so that they can book you in with the appropriate team member as we each have different areas of focus. To book, please call 87975611 or you can book online here if you know who you need to see.