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Is your devotion to your Business making you overworked but still feeling like you didn’t achieve much by the end of the day? If the answer is “YES” then listen up:

  • This unique programs includes 9, 1:1 x60 minute coaching sessions with a week each month off so that you can implement the tools and strategies, which means you will be able to take action and start getting results sooner.
  • It teaches you how to increase turnover in your practice so you can finally release your money worries which means you’ll be able to work less and not have to worry about the finances.
  • It teaches you how to structure your diary so you can receive a steady flow of referrals which means you won’t be worried about how to pay the bills in two weeks time.
  • It helps you identify opportunities to create additional revenue streams in ways that are ethical and aligned with your brand vision so you can expand your service offerings which means you’ll be able to reach your goal of helping more people. 
  • It teaches you how to market your business effectively so you can attract the ideal candidates to your business which means no more stress around poor-fits. 
  • You will learn how to apply my signature framework to your business so you can solve challenges in ways that actually feel good, which means you’ll be much happier at work. 
  • It includes setting up processes or automations in your business so you can have more time free to spend with loved ones. 
  • It teaches you how to recruit your next team member so you can stop killing yourself with such a high client-load which means you’ll be able to be more present and focussed.
  • It teaches you strategies to attract the right clients to your business so you can have a fully booked diary and stop throwing money away on FB ads and boosted posts. 
  • It teaches you the essential systems and processes you need to have in your business which means you’ll be able to cancel a bunch of your existing subscriptions and save yourself some money.
  • You will have access to someone that’s been there, done that and get’s it so you can finally work with someone that speaks your language which means you won’t have to figure out solutions on your own anymore. 
  • It teaches you how to organise your time so you are not staying at the office until 10pm every night. You’ll be able to go home and spend more time with your family. 

But most importantly, the program is tailored to help you meet your goals within the 90 days, so you can experience some quick wins which means you'll be feeling more excited, energised and in control of the business again

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How long is the coaching program?

This program runs for 90 days so you can achieve your goals quickly which means you'll be feeling like you are in the driver's seat again with your business. 

You will have x3 sessions p/m over 90 days of coaching via ZOOM with the fourth week each month off so you can implement and consolidate the tools you'll be learning. 

Between sessions, you have VOXER access to Brooklyn for any additional support if you find you need it. As a coaching client, you will also be able to swipe Brooklyn's processes and tools so you can save money by no longer throwing money at systems and processes that simply aren't working for your business.

What are the fees?

The fee for the program is $3457 with a pay-in-full bonus of a program that you can use as an evergreen revenue stream to make back your investment.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. The payment plan is $269 p/w for 13 weeks (which is about the cost of a session fee), so you can still participate and get the help you need without the financial stress, which means we can get to work more quickly on increasing your turnover. 

Why is there such a difference between the fee for Your Secret Angel and Business Acceleration Coaching?

The difference is fees is because the services are different. Your Secret Angel is not a coaching program. It's a safety net for business owners. 

Is the 90 Day Coaching Program: Business Success From the Inside Out™ tax deductible?

Yes. It is a business expense but always check with your accountant if in doubt.

Can this count towards my Continuing Professional Development? 

Yes, if it is included in your Learning Plan. 

Does un-used time carry over to the next month?

No. We recommend pre-booking your sessions so that you can enjoy maximum benefits of the service.  

About Us

Your Secret Angel


Exclusively for business owners and private practice owners wanting peace of mind for the ups and downs in business, this is for you.

For an investment of $197 p/m and a commitment of 12 months, you receive:

x1 30min ZOOM call p/m 

VOXER access between calls



Confidentiality to discuss any concern that might be impacting on your wellbeing. 

Business Success Coaching


Taking your business to the next level requires team work and guidance. Increase turnover, recruit staff, improve your visibility and more.

The investment is $1997 p/m with a 6 month commitment. There is a pay-in-full bonus of the last two months coaching free. 

x2 60 minute ZOOM calls per month

VOXER access between sessions to support you with implementation



Tools and Resources

Free access to other programs included

Signed copy of How to Manifest $1000 in 21 Days: A Practical Guide for Curious People.

Tax deductible investment for eligible businesses

Can be counted towards Continued Professional Development and is delivered by a Psychologist.  

BONUS: Pay in Full and receive the last two months FREE. 

Payment plans available if you need something that is a better fit

Increase Visibility


Without a clear visibility strategy, clients just won't be able to find you. To learn more about Visibility Coaching, please send Brooklyn an email outlining your goals. 

Case Studies



Martha had been in private practice as a solo practitioner for 12 years. She wanted to increase her turnover while at the same time, reducing her days from 6 to 4.

Outcome: Achieved.



Sonia was worried about the possible impact of industry changes to her practice. She wanted to identify additional sources of income and set up her practice to receive them.

Outcome: Achieved. 



Margaret's business was struggling financially. She wasn't paying herself, she had a line of credit to pay her bills and she was feeling lost. She wanted to get back in the black. 

Outcome: Achieved.



Working long hours was taking a toll on Tom's family and on his marriage but he was afraid to make changes. Tom needed help with his business mindset. 

Outcome: Achieved



Anne wanted to explore options for work beyond Psychology. She now has established a new business and is transitioning to full time work in the new one. 

Outcome: In progress



Dealing with challenging behaviours and personalities of team members in his practice, Steve wanted support learning how to manage these situations. New strategies were also imparted to mitigate the potential for Steve's practice to fall into this position again. 

Outcome: Achieved.