About Depression

Have you ever felt like giving up? As if things were pointless? You find yourself thinking:

  • What's the point?
  • I give up
  • It's too hard
  • I can't be bothered 

And it feels like:

  • You just want to be left alone
  • You don't want to be around anyone
  • Like everything is hopeless
  • That nothing will change
  • You have zero energy to get up and if you did get out bed, what would you even do anyway? 

And you do things like:

  • Keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself because you don't want to burden loved ones
  • Stop answering the phone or reading the mail and maybe you stop paying bills
  • Shower less, brush your hair or teeth less, stay in bed more
  • Avoid catching up with people
  • Sleep more than you normally do

These kinds of experiences can often be associated with depression. There are many different types of depression and many different treatments. Like anxiety, this condition is one of the most treatable ones but the difficulty is in beginning in the first place because you often just won't feel motivated. In fact, it's probably going to feel like an uphill battle for a while. But it can change and on average, you can start to feel better within around 12 sessions though this varies from person to person.

You won't always need medication to recover from depression but you should talk with your doctor or Psychologist about your symptoms so that a comprehensive treatment plan can be created just for you.

You don't even need a referral to get help (unless you want to claim a Medicare rebate, in which case you will need to ask your doctor for a referral letter to All Psyched Up). We have Psychologists, Mental Heath Social Workers, Counsellors and more to help you. We also offer online counselling.

If you're ready to return to your life or perhaps ready to think about what a different life could look like, now is the right time to start. Click here to begin.