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Running a business can be hard! For the first 16 years running my private practice, I felt isolated, disconnected, vulnerable and yet strangely enough, like I knew what I was doing. I thought that turning up at work, seeing clients, doing the admin and going home was running a business. It wasn't until I went on my first business retreat that I realised I knew NOTHING about running a business. That event became the pivot point for me and I've never looked back.

Now my business has grown into an award-winning allied health practice and I've developed a second business that it also successful. But I couldn't have achieved these things without mentoring. So now, outside of my role as a Psychologist, I help private practice owners to create transformations in their business in ways that traditional courses and coaching don't.

There are many benefits of hiring a mentor and these can include:

Benefit 1
Business mentors are not emotionally attached to your business like you are.

Benefit 2
Business mentors are not financially attached to your business decisions like you, your family or team are.

Benefit 3
Business mentoring can provide a high return on investment. 

Benefit 4
Business mentors help you find the gaps in your business model even when your company is growing because money and success can hide mistakes.

Benefit 5
Business mentors help business owners to stay focused on the big picture and action steps required to achieve or exceed organisational goals without being distracted by day to day operations and issues.

Benefit 6

Business mentors are your support system, available to you without judgement when you need them. They keep your information private and confidential and give you a safe space to be vulnerable and ask the difficult questions.

The Ideal Mentoring Client

Mentoring is a partnership where both parties work collaboratively to achieve your goals and attain the outcomes that are important to you.

An ideal candidate:

  • is coachable;
  • takes action;
  • maintains communication;
  • books their appointments in ahead of time;
  • is prepared for their sessions;
  • is open and willing to try things in new or different ways than what they might be used to;
  • thrives on results!

Coaching is not for you if:

  • you want massive results without effort;
  • your expectation is that I will fix your practice - the goal is for me to teach you how to implement steps yourself, so that you can generate the changes;
  • you are unable to consistently attend appointments

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The Aligned Business© is our signature mentoring program that has been especially designed for private practice owners from all disciplines to participate in.

It provides practice owners with 10 individual mentoring sessions that are completed within a three month period.

Applications open quarterly and while we receive many, we only accept a maximum of 5 candidates into the program per round.


  • Practice assessment to identify goals, uncover hidden obstacles that are likely sabotaging your success and to leave you feeling energised, inspired and renewed!
  • 3 month program, 10 private mentoring sessions.
  • Access to your mentor between sessions to help keep you on track, accountable and to resolve problems / issues swiftly.
  • Focus on developing and updating a business mindset with the addition of practical tools and strategies that can be implemented now.
  • Rollover priority for clients wishing to extend their program / commence a new one.
  • Exclusive discounts on upcoming workshops.

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Case Studies



Martha had been in private practice as a solo practitioner for 12 years. She wanted to increase her turnover while at the same time, reducing her days from 6 to 4.

Outcome: Achieved.



Sonia was worried about the possible impact of industry changes to her practice. She wanted to identify additional sources of income and set up her practice to receive them.

Outcome: Achieved. 



Margaret's business was struggling financially. She wasn't paying herself, she had a line of credit to pay her bills and she was feeling lost. She wanted to get back in the black. 

Outcome: Achieved.



Working long hours was taking a toll on Tom's family and on his marriage but he was afraid to make changes. Tom needed help with his business mindset. 

Outcome: Achieved



Anne wanted to explore options for work beyond Psychology. She now has established a new business and is transitioning to full time work in the new one. 

Outcome: In progress



Dealing with challenging behaviours and personalities of team members in his practice, Steve wanted support learning how to manage these situations. New strategies were also imparted to mitigate the potential for Steve's practice to fall into this position again. 

Outcome: Achieved.