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Online Counselling & Telehealth

Recent times are proving challenging for many of us here on the Peninsula and in particular, in Frankston. The uncertainty, the constant changes to what we can and can't do and lifestyle changes brought about as a result of the virus are causing you to feel more anxious, more depressed and more stressed than usual.

You're thinking, "why is this happening?", "when will it end?", "what if....." and you feel confused, worried, nervous and unsure. And then on top of that, your counsellor is no longer able to see you in person. It all feels hopeless and too hard. 

Imagine what it's going to feel like though when you CAN access the support you need, when you CAN get guidance and help, when you CAN connect with your practitioner? You'll feel as if you are less alone perhaps, like someone is there for you, like there are people that will listen and that you can get the help you need more than ever. 

Luckily, we have been able to create a response to the current situation that we hope you are going to love. We moved all of our services offsite and now offer online counselling, psychology and mental health social work for all of our clients. 

This means that:

Your access to services WON'T stop, they will just be delivered in a way that is MORE convenient for you and your family, 

That you can participate in from the comfort of home, 

That you won't have to battle traffic for half and hour each way to the practice ever again and it means that;

You can get the help you need in ways that FEEL good. 

How it Works

You have the option of either phone counselling or video (also called virtual) counselling and it's very easy to begin. Just let us know which type of counselling you'd prefer. If you choose the phone option, we will call you at the appointment time so be sure to have your phone charged, on and accepting incoming calls. Be sure to have your headphones plugged in and be in an area away from distraction.

If you choose the video option, please ensure that your device / laptop are charged, that your headphones are plugged in and that you are away from distractions. 

We will send you a link to access your online counselling video session. To begin the appointment on your laptop or desktop, simply click the link we send you. When you do, a new window will appear and we'll see you there!

If you wish to use your iPhone / iPad or tablet, you will need to download the ZOOM app from Google Play or the App Store. The app is free. 

Online Counselling and Telehealth

What software do I need?

We use ZOOM for our online counselling and telehealth counselling. ZOOM is a special program that is kind of like Face Time only it's a bit more professional. We will send you a link prior to your appointment and from your desktop, just click it. If you want to have your session on your device you will need to download the ZOOM app first. 

What if I don't want to be on video?

That's fine. We can just have a session over the phone instead. Please let us know your preference for video or phone when you book the appointment.

What are other client's saying about online counselling?

This is the third week that we have offered sessions online and the feedback has been really positive. Clients have told us they prefer it as it's more convenient and they like being able to get help from the comfort of home. Some clients were nervous about using ZOOM but when their session started, they said things like, "Oh - is that it? This is much easier than I thought!"

Does online counselling cost more?

No. Our fees remain the same. As of 6th April 2020, the government have also now started to offer rebates again for Medicare sessions.