Our Culture

We Love It Here!


We are not a Health Company, but a Whole-Of-Person Company.

Our head office may be based on the Mornington Peninsula but we work with clients from all over the world. All of us have experienced some challenge in the past with our health and it’s from those experiences that we choose to commit to seeing beyond the illness, to the whole of the person that we work with. 

This is the environment we seek to create in our practice, at our events and in everything we do. We celebrate all health modalities at All Psyched Up.  Our interventions include psychology, counselling, dietician, nutritionist, acupuncture, naturopathy and animal assisted therapy but at our core we believe there’s no ONE approach that will fit everyone and when we say ‘wellness’, we mean ‘whatever approach works for YOU’.  

We help people transform into the best versions of themselves.

All Psyched Up is not just about treating your symptoms. We encourage our clients to have higher goals and ideals in all areas of their life. For us, the destination is the journey! The typical client at All Psyched Up actively seeks to improve their physical health and fitness levels way above the norm, practices meditative activities daily, and is an avid enthusiast of all things mind-food, fitness and personal development.

With caring, supportive and understanding practitioners available to all clients, growth is a powerful force at All Psyched Up. The transformation in body, mind and spirit that can happen to people when you join All Psyched Up is one of the most special things about our practice. We live and breathe for your wellness journey and are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, whatever they might be.

We embrace a culture of gratitude and compassion.

At our practice, the concepts of gratitude and compassion are actively practiced and are tangible across the multiple sites we deliver services from. From Happiness Cards, to Appreciation Notes and Self-Reflection tools, we strive to cultivate a sense of practical compassion and gratitude every day with every client. 

Because of this, the vibe at All Psyched Up is very different. Our people might greet each other with hugs instead of handshakes. We regularly leave appreciation notes or gratitude tokens on each others’ tables. And we love getting to know our clients and welcome them to the practice as if they were family. 

We stand up for what we believe in.

We are determined to empower our company, our team, clients and communities to live healthier and happier lives, to unleash their fullest potential and to be extraordinary in everything they do. 

Sometimes, this push to empowerment requires us to get up off the couch, put our money where our mouth is and actually use our power to fight for a better world. 

So yes, we believe in taking a stand. We encourage everyone that we impact in any way to stand up for what they believe in and in doing so, create a better world for everybody now and for future generations. 


Are you a change maker?

We’re seeking the most soul-driven practitioners out there. I know that definition is vague but trust us, if you are one, you know it. People at All Psyched Up have a growth mindset, are creative and live their passion. All Psyched Up team members make an impact from day one and they have an opportunity to enjoy early responsibility and rich experiences. 

Members of our team are encouraged to use their initiative and shape their roles, which keeps them on track for developing individual areas of interest.

When you are accepted into the team you will enjoy responsibility, career development opportunities, in-house training and an environment of like-minded people who don’t settle for doing any less than what they love.

We are always looking to grow our team and invite qualified practitioners from all areas of health to connect with us to discuss opportunities. Please send an email and attach your resume to us at info@allpsychedup.com.au


We Love it Here

Psychologists & Accredited Mental Health Social Workers


We are excited to meet soul-driven Psychs and Mental Health Social Workers that instantly make others feel at ease with their warm and friendly style. Doing our very best to reach and impact the lives of as many people in our community as we can, All Psyched Up enjoys a reputation for going the extra mile to deliver high quality, professional services to all clients. In fact we were just announced as winner of the GFBA Health Practitioner of the Year Awards and have been nominated for three more awards including one for Practice of the Year, one for business of the year and one for coolest company of the year!

If you have set the intention this year to manifest the role of your dreams, you'll love what you are about to read. 

On offer is a blank slate, so to speak. You can be as creative with it as you like. Yes, we have work available for you at our rooms on the Mornington Peninsula seeing clients for therapy and assessments but that is only a small part of the much bigger picture. You see, this role is really only limited by your imagination.

There's just so much to tell you and one job ad can't do it justice! Lets just say the sky is the limit. We have so many projects that you can sink your teeth into. If you love all things systems and processes or if you are more of a people person, we have loads of opportunities to unleash your inner Connector. Maybe you love to share your knowledge with others in which case we can absolutely help link you with opportunities that will let your inner Sage shine!

At All Psyched Up we believe our people are our best asset and so we do things like survey our team annually to get feedback on what they love about working with us and on what we could do better; then we implement those changes. For this reason, we are also really dynamic and always updating our offerings for teams and clients. It's SO.MUCH.FUN!

Here are Some of the Perks!

  • Because you need space to work effectively, we provide you with online practice management software so you can easily work from any location - even from home.
  • Choose your days and hours - completely up to you. 
  • Choose from free Supervision or Free Business Coaching - WOW! Now THAT's a PERK!
  • Work alongside other health practitioners including our naturopath, psychologist, counsellor and our animal assisted therapy dog, Gabe!
  • Onsite parking (free!)
  • Unlimited hi-speed wifi, stocked kitchen, each consulting room equipped with new air con and heating, beautifully furnished, ambient atmosphere (think incense, candles, soft music....it's really relaxing here!)
  • Opportunities to be involved in National Live Events and with various media coverage if that's your thing
  • Be part of a collegial team of other wellness professionals that is continually being nominated by clients for awards
  • Reception to book your clients, take payments, fill out forms with clients and more - less admin for you so you can be free to work in your zone of genius
  • Be part of a business that actively gives back to the community (every Friday we donate money to community organisations as nominated through our website)
  • This job has as much or as little variety as you like, all we require is that you commit to working with us for 12 months.
  • Clients are mixed and include 100% private, Medicare, EAP, NDIS and more. We are not a bulk bill practice.

Known for our focus on creating an amazing client experience, we embrace fresh thinking, new ideas and we actively encourage you to try new things. 

We believe that everyone has something that they are passionate about and you do too so tell us what it is and let's see how we can incorporate into the role for you.

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About You (The Boring Part of the Requirements)

  • Eligible for a Medicare Provider number
  • Hold an ABN (we can assist you to get one if needed)
  • Have a current Working with Children Card
  • Hold professional indemnity insurance

About You (The Fun Part of the Requirements!)

  • Must be aware of what lights you up and excites in a role!
  • Be a real go-getter, fuelled by your passion and supported by the team, you'll be unstoppable in shaping this role into something that fits you like a glove
  • Obviously be a people-person, someone that loves creating a meaningful impact
  • Take real pride in your work
  • A high achiever / ambitious
  • Embrace technology because you know it can help you reach more people that need to hear your message in a way that only you can deliver it
  • Someone that can see the opportunity where others see disappointment, and you act on it
  • Hopefully you love looking after your mind, body and spirit just as much as we do. Our practice is located opposite the beach and doubles as our second office.

We love what we do, we are growing and we just can't wait to meet other like-minded people that love what they do too! If any of this resonates with you and you really want to work in a way that is deeply aligned with your beliefs and values, then we are destined to meet!Please call Brooklyn on 87975611 to discuss the role in more detail.